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About Us

The facts behind the brand

Who is BOVA?

BOVA Safety Footwear is a proud brand of BBF Safety Group (Pty) Ltd, the largest manufacturer of safety footwear in Africa. Over a million pairs of BOVA safety shoes and boots are manufactured annually for the South African market alone. In addition, we export our footwear to 19 African countries and the Middle East, constantly expanding into new markets.

BOVA is manufactured in an ISO:9001 accredited factory, utilising cutting edge technology and innovation. In this way, what we release into the market performs with the purpose for which it was engineered.

We explore the varied dangers inherent in an industry and then engineer the safety footwear purposed with protecting employees within those environments.

For procurement and those we protect, this means utilising the 4 unique BOVA Category Ranges to ensure that required safety needs are met. Different employees within the same industry often require very different levels of protection and therefore different specifications. Utilising the 4 BOVA Category Ranges and the various sub-categories within them ensures that a client does not under-spec for some employees – and compromise on safety, or over-spec for others – and compromise on cost-effectiveness.

Over a million pairs of bova safety shoes are manufactured annually for the south african market alone.

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