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Temporal Horizontal Lifeline
sabs approved

Temporal Horizontal Lifeline

Sizing : 20m Lifeline
Features :
  • 1x 20m Webbing Line with snap hooks on either end
  • 1x Ratchet tensioning system
  • 2x Anchor straps
  • 1x Equipment carry bag

Description :

Spec sheets and accreditations available upon request.
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WEBBING:50mm UV-Resistant polyester webbing with a minimum breaking load of 40kN
HOOKS:Corrosion-resistant steel Snap Hooks with a 20mm gate opening that can withstand a force of 22kN
RATCHET:Corrosion-resistant steel ratchet
ANCHOR STRAPS:45mm UV-Resistant polyester webbing with a minimum breaking load of 2.6 tonnes PVC protective sleeve
Corrosion-resistant steel D-rings with a minimum breaking load of 25kN
SANS 50795 | EN 795 – CLASS C
EN 362
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    The toe cap’s impact resistance is tested by a steel striker of mass 20kg ±0.4kg adapted to fall freely on vertical guides from a predetermined height of 1000mm

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