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Bova Sox

bova sox

Bova Sox

Anti-bacterial socks
Description :
Engineered with Anti-static Fibre in the form of silver coated stripes, knitted into the socks. The Anti-static Fibre conducts electricity away from the body, through the sock and into the shoe. The anti-static effect is permanent and does not diminish over time (benefits determined against test ASTM E 2149-01 mod).

Treated with Ruco-bac AGP anti-microbial silver-based technology that utilises nano particles of silver chloride. Designed to destroy 95% of bacteria within 2 hours, eliminate body odour, allergies and infections of the foot. In addition Ruco-bac AGP is harmless to natural skin flora and is environmentally friendly. (Benefits determined against test ASTM E 2149-01 mod).
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icon nonconductive
Prevents the conduction of electricity.
icon antistatic

Prevents the conduction of electricity.

icon metalfree

This shoe contains no metal parts.

icon 200joules


The toe cap’s impact resistance is tested by a steel striker of mass 20kg ±0.4kg adapted to fall freely on vertical guides from a predetermined height of 1000mm

ultra fresh icon
ULTRA FRESH TECHNOLOGY Strong anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial protection. Moisture management and odour control.
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Meets the Standards of the South African Bureau of Standards.


Genuine Vibram Sole.

ce icon

Meets the standards of European Economic Area.